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About Us
About Us

Media and cultural Service

The original city of Uruk was sited southwest of the ancient Euphrates River, now dry. Currently, the site of Warka is northeast of the modern Euphrates River. In addition to being one of the first cities, Uruk was the main force of urbanization during the Uruk period (4000–3200 BC). Uruk was famous as the capital city of Gilgamesh. It was significantly larger (6 Sq km) and more complex than other cities of the time. Uruk's agricultural surplus and large population base facilitated processes such as trade, specialization of crafts and the evolution of writing. Inspired by this component spiritual cosmic civilization, we launch “Uruk Press: Press and Cultural Services” to honor Iraq’s rich history, including the first human invention of written letters, the cuneiform.
 With media experts from Iraq and the United States, at Uruk Press  we aim to be a hub for creative media and press services, a facilitator for western journalists in general and the U.S. in particular, a trusted source for situational awareness reports and studies, and a sought after organization to contribute in conducting surveys, public opinion polls and public sentiment studies in the Arab World that are helpful for distinguished and reputable research centers in Washington, DC and Baghdad.
In this sense, Uruk Press is an independent organization, with special focus on Iraq and about Iraq.  Uruk Press network of reporters in Baghdad and Washington, DC are focused entirely on news and newsgathering. With that, Uruk Press has the ability to serve traditional and new media and to offer support along every step of the news journey from factual and objective field reporting, to unbiased analysis, our timely stories will reflect the cultural, religious, political and ethnic diversity of Iraq.
·    Our Philosophy is highlighted by: excellence, never-ending innovation, top notch quality and long-lasting growth.
·    Our Vision is to use creativity to generate modernized media services.
·    Ouir Mission is to provide fast, reliable and quality media service to its customers.


Baghdad Burea Chief                                     Washington, DC Bureau Chief                                     
Mazin Sahib                                                    Abdellatif Rayan