The Syrian Conflict and Sunni Radicalism in Lebanon       Civil War Drums Beat Louder in Iraq as the U.S. policy is just hit and miss       Resolution of Anbar crisis requires security, political coordination       US and Iran offers support to stabilize Iraq       My predictions for 2014 Middle East Outlook       British government will reportedly declassify Bush-Blair talks from Iraq War run-up        70 jurnalists were killed on the job around the world in 2013       US sends missiles, drones to help Iraqis Fight With Extremists       Iraq’s Tangled Foreign Interests and Relations        Divided Iraqi leaders shirk responsibility
2013-11-22 06:46:00
Photo Essay: The Curtain Goes up in Baghdad
Iraq’s new Theater Festival signals an end to Baghdad’s cultural isolation, despite security and censorship hurdles that remain from the past few decades.
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2013-08-22 11:52:00
OUT OF PLACE In his memoir, Edward Said, "rediscovers the lost Arab world of his early years in Palestine, Lebanon, and Egypt." ... Read more
2013-06-18 07:23:00
 Shubbak festival shines light on Arab creativity London's Shubbak festival, which celebrates Arab creativity, gets under way this weekend. Jessica Holland has the highlights ... Read more
2013-05-30 04:34:00
Subversive Laughter Egypt’s thin-skinned leaders have long been the butt of (often raunchy) jokes circulated freely among citizens, but poking fun at the president and other sacred cows on television is a relatively new phenomena ... Read more
2013-05-28 04:23:00
 Singer from Gaza wants to be ‘Arab Idol’ “Arab Idol” is an over-the-top TV ratings smash in the Middle East, and a young crooner from a Palestinian refugee family, whom admirers have nicknamed “the Rocket,” is stealing the show. ... Read more