The Syrian Conflict and Sunni Radicalism in Lebanon       Civil War Drums Beat Louder in Iraq as the U.S. policy is just hit and miss       Resolution of Anbar crisis requires security, political coordination       US and Iran offers support to stabilize Iraq       My predictions for 2014 Middle East Outlook       British government will reportedly declassify Bush-Blair talks from Iraq War run-up        70 jurnalists were killed on the job around the world in 2013       US sends missiles, drones to help Iraqis Fight With Extremists       Iraq’s Tangled Foreign Interests and Relations        Divided Iraqi leaders shirk responsibility
services, a media and cultural services with offices in Baghdad, Iraq and Washington, DC, aims to be participant of building a new Iraq and we mean  to do that via an independent and professional media organization.
We strive to report objectively, and to convey the message untarnished without any spin or manipulation.
Our media staff members are highly trained, tested and well seasoned. They are all well experienced in print and visual media, educated in a cross culture environment where public relations is part of their being. They are all well connected with a wide range of government officials, politicians, opinion makers, economists, religious institutions, academics, cultural figures, and with a wide range of network in the Arab world and in the United States.

Our services;  

With media experts from Iraq and the United States, at we aim:

·    To be a hub for creative media and press services,
·    A facilitator for western journalists in general and the U.S. in particular,
·    A trusted source for situational awareness reports and studies,
·    A sought after organization to contribute in conducting surveys,
·    A source of news and newsgathering  to serve traditional and new media,
·    To offer support  along every step of the news journey from factual and objective field reporting, to unbiased analysis,
·    To report on stories that reflects cultural, religious, political and ethnic diversity of Iraq.

For service request, please contact:

Baghdad Office
Tel:       + 964 790 167 6232

Washington, DC office
Tel:       1 (703) 862 0171