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2013-10-09 04:26:00
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Gulf Cup shifts from Iraq to Saudi Arabia
Bahrain/ Urukpress
Gulf Cup shifts from Iraq to Saudi Arabia


Bahrain / Urukpress

The football federations overseeing the Gulf Cup have moved next year's tournament from the Iraqi city of Basra to Saudi Arabia after concerns over preparations and security.
The decision comes amid Iraq's deadliest spike in violence since 2008.
The Kuwait News Agency says the eight-team event will be shifted to Jiddah.
This year, Basra was given more time to finish construction for the 2014 event. But the envoys meeting in Bahrain made the move on Tuesday.
The Gulf Cup, which started in 1970, brings together Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Yemen and the reigning champion United Arab Emirates.